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This is a cute Matryoshka Russian toy set of 5 pcs. These stacking dolls were painted like the heroes of the Three Little Pigs fairytale. This German fairy tale is very popular in Russia.
There were three brother pigs.
Once upon a time they decided to build houses. One of them built a house of straw, the second one made it of wooden branches and the third one constructed his house of stones.
The third one was the cleverest.
When the Big Bad Wolf came to eat the pigs, he destroyed the first two houses, but he was unable to knock down the one made of stone. All brothers took shelter in this house and were saved.
So let’s look closer at the nesting wooden house. There are all those three houses painted on it. The stacked house is divided into three parts and hand-painted in each section to depict the straw, the wooden and the stone houses.
Three wooden doll brother pigs get the opportunity to live together without fear.
The height of the nested house toy is about 6 inches. The Big Bad Wolf doll is 4.7 inches tall. The smallest doll is 1.5 inches tall.
This matryoshka doll set is made of Russian linden, hand-chiseled, hand-painted with gouache and lacquered. It is painted in a primitive folk art painting style.
It is a great gift for children.
Comes in a canvas sack.

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